By choosing Claridge, you are renting a venue with a very particular soul.
The walls, the balcony and the scene (dated more than a hundred years ago), will take you back to a period with cabarets and burlesque comedies.

Everything else gives a new impression. Vintage is infused with technology. The starlit wall with hundreds of LEDs, the enormous screens, the sound, and the digital wallpaper contrasts in a tasteful and discrete way.
You will have access to a space, decorated in the colors of your enterprise, refined catering, and speakers of your choice.

This only leaves you to choose your configuration.
All special requests are reviewed and accepted, though we seek to make your life easier by giving you some recommendations. In all cases, you will have access to the balcony, the meeting room, and a specially designed VIP room.


The 500 m2 Great Hall is dominated by a stage of XX m2. At the corner of this stage, you will find a VIP room pre-fitted with a bar and a top-rated sound system already installed. On the upper floor, a generous balcony of XX m2 and a meeting room give a total usable area of XX m2.

Concert standing

CONCERT STANDINGThe ‘standing up’ is the main formula for a dancing evening. It is often used to thank staff members. This type of evening does not require a lot of investments. Add a DJ and some decorations to the natural atmosphere of the hall and you can invite everyone to the dance floor.


A central buffet, high bar tables, lounge areas, and an acoustic concert. We recommend our venue and facilities as the best choice to enjoy a high-end cocktail event.

U-shape banquet

U-SHAPE BANQUETIf you are organizing a general meeting, a press conference, or a just friendly reception, the U shaped table plan is ideal. Attention is focused on the central table. The information flows and everyone has a chance to speak up.

Theater walking

Theater walkingA scene and an audience. For holding clean cut awards ceremonies, political meetings, or presentations, The Claridge stands out for its cozy and intimate character. The digital walls can serve as information supports, tweet walls, or to project videos.


A glamourous occasion that allows your guests to walk freely between the tables. On the stage there can be a series of speeches, a charity event, or a concert. The use of a multicolored LED lighting is valuable to set the tone of the event.


BoardBy extension, the meeting room can be rented to hold your conferences. Its versatility makes it easy to use for up to 30 persons. You will be isolated from noise and all external distractions..